Firestat is a Multitone product which automates much of the record keeping required for the operation of a retained fire station. Firestat has two components: the Firestat software which can be run on a standard Windows® 9x/NT PC, and the Firestat rack.

The Firestat Rack

When a retained station is mobilised, the Fire Officers are paged, and make their way to the fire station. Each officer carries a keycard with a unique serial number, which he inserts into a slot on the Firestat rack. The rack stores the time of card insertion and removal in battery backed RAM. The rack can also communicate with the Station End system using the GD92 communications protocol developed by the UK home office. The Firestat rack was developed for Multitone by Wheeler Systems

Firestat Rack with Card Image © Multitone PLC

The Firestat software

This software manages the personnel, payroll, incident and training records which are required for the operation of the fire station. Incident and attendance data is read directly from the Firestat rack. The incident and payroll data is sent via WAN to a central Firestat system at Brigade HQ. The Firestat software was developed for Multitone by Courtlands Technical Services.