We can provide detailed, costed proposals for software systems, solutions and products to meet your requirements. We can become involved in all stages of your product development, from initial concept through to testing, deployment and sales.

Particular areas of expertise include:

Design and development of Windows PC applications. We have experience in developing standalone and networked programs, client/server, SQL database access, distributed systems, web server interfaces etc. The principal development tools we use are: C/C++ (both Borland and MS), MS Visual Basic, MS Access. We have also developed some useful system software for Windows PCs, for example synchronising the PC clock using the NMEA output from a GPS receiver.

Design and development of realtime software on stock PC hardware using the QNX operating system. We have experience in interfacing with a wide range of equipment, using RS232, RS485, parallel, A/D, target mode SCSI etc. We have developed QNX4 device drivers, target mode SCSI drivers, and safe direct access to custom hardware via IRQ handlers, DMA, I/O ports and memory mapped I/O.

Design and development of UNIX applications. We have developed software for Solaris, FreeBSD and Linux. We have designed and developed web based applications, using CGI processes and customised open-source webservers.

Other services available:

Digital Signal processing. We have designed and developed software for seismic recording instrument tests and quality assurance, and understand the principles behind common techniques such as Fourier Transform, convolution, correlation and filtering.

Design and development of MS-DOS PC applications, including direct hardware access to serial and parallel ports and A/D converters, and access to custom hardware via IRQ handlers, DMA, I/O ports and memory mapped I/O.