Antenna Audio X-Plorer+ Audio Player

Anyone who has recently visited a museum or gallery will probably have been offered an audio guide such as the X-Plorer+ developed by Antenna Audio

The X-Plorer+ is an advanced audio guide which offers both linear tours and randomly accessible content. Several tours, and/or the same tour in several languages, can be stored on a single X-Plorer+. The audio content is stored as MP3 files on an internal Compact Flash card.

Statistics can be downloaded from the X-Plorer+ so that the gallery management can determine which are their most popular attractions.

Not just an audio player

There's more to managing a successful audio tour for your gallery or museum than obtaining audio players with all the right features.

The audio portfolio needs to be managed. There can be up to 9999 MP3 tracks organised into sequenced tours with multiple languages. New audio content has to be integrated into the audio portfolio. The audio content has to be post processed and the X-Plorer+ control files must be generated.

The X-Plorer+ units must be updated with the latest audio content, and the visitor statistics must be downloaded and stored. The units need to be are available for visitors to use, so downtime for housekeeping tasks must be minimised. Or eliminated: the updating and downloading is carried out while the units' batteries are being recharged. The charging racks have network connections, which means that the units can be updated over the internet.

The X-Plorer+ units need manufacturing tests. They need to be installed on a customers' site together with the charging racks.

Courtlands Technical Services designed and developed a suite of PC based support and management applications for the X-Plorer+ which address all of these problems and help the gallery management and visitors get the most from their audio tours.